Gran Turisme is our mos comfortable van. It is 6.36 metres long and has a height of 2.05 metres, it is very light and easily maneouvered and can be driven around the city without hassle.

It is equipped as follows: bathroom with toilet and shower, kitchen, double bed and a bench which converts into a further double bed.


  • Weight: 2910 kg.
  • Length: 6363 mm.
  • Width: 2050 mm.
  • Seats (including driver): 2+2.


  • DOMETIC windows.
  • Large boot – 85 cm.
  • Kitchen drawers fitted with soft close.
  • Chasis of L4H2.

Our vans carry quality equipment on all models. For our more demanding customers, we have optional equipment of the highest quality that will allow your vehicle to be built to your full expectations.

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